Friday, March 28, 2008



A Fitting End

Well, it seems Winter may indeed be finished in the Northland. The ski hill closes in three days, so we took advantage of the warm and sunny weather and got out for a family ski. This was my first time out with the boys and it was GREAT! Kevin has been skiing with Alex all winter, both with the Courage Duluth program and on their own. This was their 16th time out this season. I now realize how much fun I missed out on. Alex was eager to go and had no hesitations on his travels down the hill. Using the nifty tether system keeps him in check but also feeling in control, as well as standing and shifting his weight on his own. He also loves the chair lift, so it all fits together nicely. I have so many great memories from growing up on the ski hills of my home town that it makes me very happy to be starting Alex on a similar road. Now Spring can truly arrive...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter's Present

Spring in Minnesota.

Here we are this year, the family Kinney. If you look with your imagination you can also see our cat who came along for the ride (Beeswax, our cream tabby). Mom kindly took this photo. Alex got a barber haircut last week, it is fun for daddy to now have a twin. Lucky, as always, is busy hoping for a treat. The Easter bunny was kind, with lots of treats and even toys. A sugar coated good time was had by all. Now bring on the real green grass!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter's Past

This photo is from Easter 2004 when Alex was 8 months old, and Alex, Mom, and I all had the same haircut. Also, Bunny was just born. We celebrated his fourth birthday yesterday. At age 4 Alex understands the Easter celebration best as "Bunny's Birthday Party". I'm sure this will change in time, although the links between the Christian holiday and bunnies and baskets may always be tough to explain.

Oh No!

My lazy butt is now busted. I have Not had my "Grand Opening" yet of my blog, but have leaked the word here and there. I just checked my dear friend Shereen's blog, and there I am on her links section. I'll get you for this, my pretty! Well, actually it is the boot in the butt that I needed. I thought the idea of a blog was cool, and started it under cover, but then started being rather nervous and avoidant of the whole idea. I mean really, would anyone actually want to see what I have to say? And what if they hate me, or like me too much, or think I am weird??? Yeah, maybe I should just quit getting out and just hide in my little house. NOT.

So, here I am with the blank screen again. I am finally over my illness, known as The Grunge in this area. A cold-like, flu-like illness that just seems to hang on forever. I got out of one day of work and then had a few more cruddy days on the job. By the weekend (I usually work seven days at a time) I was feeling good enough to work a double, then worked another at the beginning of my week off. Then came Easter. We went to my Mom's near Minneapolis. She had the place nice and springy with Easter eggs and bunnies all over, and we had a good and mellow visit. Alex loves his Grandma (actually all of his grandparents) and it is a delight to watch that relationship grow. The only weird thing was the 10 inches of snow on the ground, with more coming down every hour. Not very springy outside. Also I discovered the best ever dog park in her town. 7 enclosed acres with a pond, and a pavilion with heat lamp for the two leggers.

And now, spring begins back at home in Duluth. We still have 3 feet of snow in many areas and sheets of ice cover the sidewalks, but the melt is starting. Soon it will be wall to wall mud. But also time to open windows, get out and see the greening, and if I am lucky get out for a little boating. And time to get in the habit of adding to my new blog! Note to self: should really set a date for that grand opening...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick Days

I knew it was coming and it arrived. Illness. Me, and Alex too. He did not go to school yesterday and today was Saturday. These have been a loooong few days. It's the kind of illness that just leaves you feeling cruddy, but like you should almost be able to save the world anyways. Or at least an entire species. But instead you just hang around. He could have almost gone to school yesterday, but the schools generally frown on children coughing and dripping all over. Plus, as soon as he got up he said in his little voice, "No school. No school, Mama. I stay home..." How could I resist? So, stay home we have. All day. Two days in a row. It is about 10 degrees out so not even good for light hiking. But it hasn't been a total waste. We did bust out some new toys and learned new games. Lots of snuggling and commiserating. And Kevin was valiant as ever, taking over at just the right times. It's been some good down time, just Sunday to go. I think the little guy will be well enough for school on Monday, and I can get back to saving the world. Or at least doing catch-and-release on few rabid dust bunnies.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trying to Get Fit

Two steps forward, one step back. Like so many other things in life, my fitness progress is not going in a straight line. My enthusiasm got me and I worked out at a hard rate for three in a "row" (one day rest in between each) and now I am paying the price. Aches, sore throat, super tired. I know better. I should have gone medium on my ski. But I would have been almost going backwards and the day was soooo beautiful... Yeah, and I was thinking I was already a cadio rock star. But I am not. Never have been. Working on it, at age 39. Better late than never, right? I used to get bronchitis every year, sometimes twice a year. Usually the outcome of a doomed fitness program. Now I have a heart rate monitor and a wee bit of self awareness. I've been working out somewhat steady for two years, running consistently for three months. I am addicted to my workouts and they make me very happy. Except when I get a little crazy. So will stick with a two-medium-to-one-hard ratio and keep those endorphins rolling. Maybe I'll be that rock star yet.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Little Guy

Ahhh, winter. Alex is getting an early acclimation to our climate. And Daddy got to use his skills at the sewing machine(s) to create and unique parka. This is actually a photo from a year ago but the little guy is still wearing the same parka, and we still have snow. The main change is Alex is big enough to sit in a booster seat now! As I get more adept at retrieving photos more recent ones will appear.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Love Duluth

I just got back from a morning ski on my local trail. It is 5 minutes by car and the skiing is beautiful. The temperature is perfect (about +15) and the snow nice and groomed. I am classical skiing as I rehab my shoulder and build my cardio base, but hope to skate more in future winters. This has been a perfect winter, with plenty of snow and cold. Maybe a bit too much cold at times but you can't have everything. The trail overlooks a favorite whitewater river (the Lester) and as I stopped to rest above the rapid and waterfall named Naked Man I looked at the ski tracks going directly up the river. I have only skied one river this winter (the French) and hope to get a few more in before the thaw. I could see, from 30 feet above, the ice over the steepest spot on the falls and the water rushing beneath that ice. Pure magic.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Beginning

The Beginning

Greetings to any and all Beth up North readers. I have started this blog on a lark today, but have had the idea of a personal web site in mind for a long time. I just didn't want it to be difficult, and this blogging thing seems really easy. I am not great at the web and computers but have some good consultants should I get stuck.

First off, I have no idea who will read this blog. For now it is a secret because I have not even told that husband of mine, Kevin. Being like a cat who has had nine lives I am not sure if I should aim this at my family life (most likely), my work life (mental health can be sooo depressing), my recreational life (much more fun), my business life (being in an Empire and all), or my past life in general (having been varied, exciting, and a learning experience every day). I guess it will be a mix of all the above.

I worry a bit about keeping up and keeping posted, but I suppose that will come as it will. Like I really need another distraction, but this seems it could help keep things closer rather than further. There are so many things going on, this seems a good way to tie it all together.

The details... Well, I don't know how to do pictures yet, or make this look more interesting, but since no one knows about this I guess I am okay. I will decide on a grand opening when I send my blog to my world. I'll just say for now, not yet.

But this is it. My new blog and way of interacting with the world. It is rather exciting to have such a secret. I will do more about me (since it is MY blog) next. Thanks for reading along...