Monday, January 5, 2009

Snow, Glorious Snow

Happy 2009! For winter lovers the new year is certainly off to a good start. For winter haters... there is always tanning. I have finally gotten out and LOVE IT. Went sledding a few days ago with my dear friends Kerisa and Anna and we had a blast with Alex and Jack. Jack is an excellent sledding dog. He runs and frolics but does not nip or bark. He even took the sled part way back up the hill one time. Not happy, but he did it. It kept bumping his butt. Alex was a bit more hesitant but had some great moments. They included several tandem rides with all adults, and even a solo or two. I think there is a serious future in it for him. The only loser was our sled. It cracked into five pieces by the end of the venture, so now the search begins. Mid winter sled hunting... better than looking for the Titanic. Today Kerisa got me out on my first cross country ski of the year. I can't believe I waited this long. And whined as much as I did about how I should clean/organize/declutter/whatever, before I said, "Oh what the hell, Alex is at school, I better go." It was fantastic. The temps in the 20's. The trail perfect (now that the groomer is fixed). The woods gorgeous. And wonderful company. Look out, I shall never blog again. Every spare moment will be on that lovely Lester Park Trail at the end of the neighborhood, or possibly going up the river on skis with the dog bounding behind. Happy Snow Year!!