Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Things My Kid Says

It all goes so fast.  I was looking at a blog for my friend with a young pre-schooler and I can barely remember when Alex was that small.  It goes to reason that I will not be able to remember this current age one day soon, too.  I have plenty of pics deep in digital land, but what of the spirit of the age?  I should be writing it all down as soon as it happens, but alas my organizational skills hold me back, so will recreate what I can for Alex, at age 7.

Alex has taken to randomly hugging me, giving me a kiss, and in a whispery little boy voice say, "Mama, you are my best friend."  I'll take that.  I have also watched this lovelyness unfold with his father too.

Halloween night he was skipping and running down the road with his four year old buddy Ben (Alex was Sheriff Woody and Ben was a plush shark) and they were singing the A-B-C song, and then made up a Trick or Treating song together. 

He loves telling stories now, and will tell long ones about the Alphabet, and Word Girl, and the Energy Monster, mostly raided from his favorite learn to read web site.

This past summer we spent many long conversations on, "What would happen if we were driving down the street, and the Red light started blinking?!", and "What if it was windy and rainy, and a tornado came down on our house?!".  Mind you, these things were stated gleefully with only a bit of a worried edge.

And most recently, last night in fact, he told me he hated me.  "Mama, go away, I hate you and I don't love you any more."  I should be devastated but really, I am okay with this.  I did something to piss him off, and he gets it.  And is responding.  What I did was let him know I forgot to sign him up for the swim lessons he wanted, and now it is too late.  Oops.  I feel bad about this, and clearly he does too.  The good news is that I will make it up by taking him to open swim, which will get us in the habit.  Then I will sign up for the next round.  Being only 7 I am hoping his capacity for a grudge will only last a little while.  I want to get quickly back to being his best friend.  Gotta get it in now, before those teenage years hit.