Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seventeen Below

It was seventeen degrees below zero this morning when I got Alex on the bus.  Cold enough to try to make some snow, but alas, not quite cold enough.  To do so you take a boiling hot cup of water and throw it in the air, if it is cold enough it comes down as snow.  Too warm, and it only splits into steam and water.   It was too warm.  So warm that it made it up to five degrees above zero by 10am.  Bummer for making snow, but the perfect temp and time for an adventure.

Jack and I went out to hike a river.  There is a beautiful little one not far from my house called the Lester.  It was so bright and sunny that it almost hurt my eyes.  Dazzling as we crunched down the banks and into the main river, all sparkly with zillions of refracted snowflake diamonds.  The sky was blue, the rocks a mix of brown and red, and may an evergreen all around.  Very beautiful.  And exciting too.  To be out on a river, walking over the water, and hearing it trickle and run below your feet.  The sound of running water under snow and ice is hard to describe, unique and electric.  I have fallen through the ice in the past a few times, which is also unique and electric.  Jack had a riot.

He ran and ran.  Bounced and explored.  Up the river banks, and down again.  Through the woods, and following the game trails.  Then back to the river bed to run ahead.  He is beautiful to watch as he runs, and glides, and occasionally prances.  He likes the snow.  And not a single snow ball in his paws today.

It was good to get out.