Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Summer Post

A quick and in-between-things post, just to let you know we are alive and well. It is high summer and I am blogging in shorts and a swim top. It is almost hot, which I hate, but will survive. Kevin and Alex are off at the dentist, something Alex looks forward to. Seriously. He likes the suction snorky thing and the neat chair. Hopefully we can keep it that way. Kevin is working hard, as usual, keeping up with Empire orders (! in the summer!) and creating stock, as well as looking into ways to revive Vulpine. It is such a great mission to provide adaptive gear, we just need to figure out how to make it viable. As for me, I am in the middle of my work week. Summer is odd because it is either floating (yuck), or kids that are often very ill and not very nice (yuck), or No Pay Days (yeah). I try to just show up and not get too anxious about the whole situation. Speaking of "situations", I am coming up on 40 and this is freaking me out a bit. I did not think this would happen to me, but never say never. I was warned by a few friends that went before that it is a sneaky one, but thought I'd breeze through like every other birthday. I guess the whole "mid-life crisis" thing isn't just for yuppies. I have been contemplating my errors of the past and fears for the future way too much, and am vowing to Knock It Off. I try to remind myself that I may not be as young as I used to be, but I am also not as dumb as I used to be. Pain has returned to my bum shoulder, which hasn't helped, but I get the next Dr. update next week. It is now one year and a day since I crashed on my shoulder. All things considered I should be over the moon. Maybe there is a touch of Anniversary PTSD going on too.

So, the good news. I had a fantabulous time at the races here in town. Kayaking remains my passion, and I am lucky I found it and grabbed it. We, the paddling families, are starting to strategize ways to get the kids out. Some folks have double whitewater kayaks, we got Alex out on flat water in a canoe, and we met a family whose 10 year old races, who may be willing to sell one of their inflatable kayaks. The trick is to make river time fun for the little ones. We also have friends with rafts, which is another option. So we just need to start going out to play on the river with these different options. More on those adventures to come. And on that note, while family friends went out and paddled with their grade school boy last weekend, we looked after his four year old brother on land, with Alex. The boys had a good time together and Alex was very into his playmate. Calling his name and asking him to play. This is HUGE! We have been very busy working on developmental issues through play this summer, and it is paying off. I can't say what a relief it is to have him interacting on an appropriate and fun level with other kids! We also went to see the movie Wall-e and he is still talking about it. We are also making progress on food issues, which is another big challenge. He has a few new foods, like cucumbers, and apples, with more to come. Overall, we are having a charming time with him. Every day he is coming up with new things to say and new ideas. Funny, goofy things that I will have to start writing down. Plus he remains cute as a bug-in-a-rug and a charmer for the ladies. Most don't mind his shyness!

But, speaking of the boys, they have just returned from the dentist. Must go get the report, and then we will have a new-foods picnic. Hope all are having good weeks.... Cheers!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Favorite Part

Rowan all geared up.

On my wonderful Wausau trip I had many excellent experiences. Many. But my absolute favorite was getting my dear friend Shereen's boys into boats. Rowan, her oldest, was very interested and because of that we made it happen. During lunch on the second racing day I got him all geared up and we went down to the flat water to try it out. We even got his little brother to try after a bit. Rowan had very good instincts and was not afraid. He had good paddle strokes and a nice sense of boat handling. Look out Shereen, getting in a race boat on flat water at Wausau is exactly how I got hooked!

Two new addicts?!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Room to Breathe

Wow, time is flying. I feel like I just got home from my trip to Wausau, and it has actually been a week. Every moment has been scheduled and this is my first chance to get to my blog. Yowzers. Where to start? Wausau.

Back to my home town. It is always very strange to go back to Wausau. Part of me feels like I never left, but then I run across new stuff all the time. The wonderful, open, grassy square downtown throws me (it used to be a rundown Kresgees). My high school is condos. And there is a new giant building towering over the lagoon where I first sat in a slalom kayak and got totally hooked. My old house looks the same, but the trees are 25 feet taller and much bushier. It is all rather trippy. But also nice and comfortable. I stayed out at the camp I went to as a little kid, that was really cool. And I also stayed with in-laws (my sisters) and friends(my dear friend Jennifer's parents), and that was even better. I met a whole bunch of new paddling folks, and hooked up with many old paddling friends. I was paddling, checking out a slalom clinic, and racing too, and I got lots of on water time. Since I am not as young as I used to be (and not as dumb as I used to be) I stretched every day and did very decent warm ups almost every time I got wet. Not a single injury (knock on wood) and only one power sinus douching. The weather was fine, and the coaching even finer. My biggest problem was my own head, and a fair amount of rusty-ness. I was not very happy with myself for the first four days, but by Sunday I was pulling off some satisfying runs. I was one off in my hoped for finishing places on both days (third not second...out of four), but when it came to the sprint for cash I finally got what I wanted. Second place and $25. What could be finer? I also made it on to the local news (hee-hee).

The whitewater was everything I remembered, and more. They have rearranged the Wausau course over the last few years and there are four new holes. Those were surprising, at first. Then there were the moves the coaches were making us do. Tough, technical, and frustrating. Or I should say, FRUSTRATING. I eventually got every single move that was killing me, at least once, but never quite all together. Oh well, next time. And besides, it was still fun. Or maybe more fun because of that.

And then there were family and friends. I started and ended well. On my first day I got to see my mom, my sister, my niece and nephew, and my sisters in-laws (who are great). In the middle I met up with my old dear friends Shereen and met her boys and her husband. We had an excellent supper and next day I got to get the boys in boats and show them the ropes. They did great! And for the grand finale I stayed with Mom and Dad Davis and my final stop in town was at their new condo (absolutely gorgeous) for a shower, a wonderful bite to eat, and to try and catch the news. No luck, but showed off my medal, hugs all around, and hit the road again. It was quite a week.

I missed my boys terribly while I was gone, and must bring them the next time. It was very odd being out on my own, like I used to do all the time. Especially weird to be at the camp with new people and footloose paddlers my own age. It has probably been a good 10 years since I have done something like that, maybe my last week long instructor clinics. Good to know I can still jump in cold with a group of new people and find my place pretty quickly.

And now, home again home again jiggety jig. I got in last Sunday at midnight and up and out by 8:00am the next morning. We have a chock-a-block activity schedule now so it was all go, all week. And work at night. I kept hoping for no-pay-days but alas, no luck. I did get one...but it was revoked 10 minutes later. Needless to say, I was less than pleased. But I muddled through. Alex is doing really great, his language and concepts are blossoming. We are in at the Scottish Language Clinic for the summer, and moving forward on eating issues with an 8 week feeding clinic. Otherwise know as "Play with your Food!". He even ate a rice crispy bar this week...now that's my boy. And my other "boy" is doing well too. Tired, after sending me to play, but seems quite happy. Looks like our Adaptive work is not so dead, and may simply be in a deep sleep. Will keep you posted.

And now I have a week off. Not a full week, due to some switching, but a good start. Planning on getting a little rest, and a little breathing space. Going camping next weekend, and have our local slalom the next weekend, so still busy, but once I get some downloads in order you can see the grin on my face. Happy summer...