Monday, March 16, 2015


Time for a little update in blog-land. 

It has been a long, long time since my last blog. I had just started my over the top semesters for graduate school, and was not truly sure I would survive.  But survive I did.  I worked, went to school full time, interned, and attempted to help at home.  I succeeded at all but the last.  My amazing husband and wonderous son took care of home, and themselves, and kept me going.  While I was at grad school, Alex moved to a new school too.  He started at Edison Northstar Academy and took on Fourth grade.  He had play dates with friends, and did well in Jujitsu.  He kept up with drumming lessons, and got out skiing with his dad.  Kevin worked on his business, and kept us all a float.  And then I graduated.  Last May I earned my MSW in Clinical Social Work, and my license too.  We enjoyed a fine summer, and then rolled on into Fifth grade.  The last year of elementary school, yikes!  We started Alex at a fine learning center, to help boost academics, and he has been working hard and developing many great skills.  On a sad note, we lost our cat of 19 years.  Beeswax passed peacefully in the winter.  In June, a new furry friend joined our family.  Xander is a guinea pig with more personality and sweetness than can be believed.

Outside our little family there have been many losses, and our hearts have gone out time and again to friends and extended family.  It has been tough, and we try to cherish all our people and good times as they arrive.

I still work at the hospital, but am growing restless to put my MSW to use.  Kevin is very busy with business, but also got out into the Boundary Water to camp during the coldest week of the year.  Yes, he loved it and did it on purpose.

I am feeling the desire to blog now.  A new start, and time to tell more tales.  So, keep an eye out.  Thank you  for reading my ramblings, and have a great day.

Peace Out - Beth  

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